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The more payment options, the better

02 Mar

Small business owners are in business to make money. Whether they’re selling retail products, offering a service or they’re a B2B operation, they’ll have customers who need to pay them. Offering a variety of payment options means they’ll get paid faster, boosting their cash flow and increasing their chances of business growth.

And banks who support small businesses will often have a range of payment solutions available. It’s a good idea for small business banking advisors to walk their customers through all of the options, so that together they can decide on which ones are best for the business, tailoring them if need be.

The fact is, everyone’s online these days and everyone’s got a smartphone. If small business owners offer their clients payment options using the internet and mobile technology, it makes it easier for everyone.

The below article looks at a new bank card that’s helping small businesses take payments easier.

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