Sunday, 22 July 2018

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The right small business content through the right channels

22 Feb

Having the right pieces of small business content, delivered through the right channels, at the right times, and geared towards mobile devices can help create fantastic customer experiences. It’s vitally important to optimize your content so you can gain opportunities that engage with your customers, and generate and convert leads.

The mobile website and mobile app are quickly becoming the direct and most immediate relationship between banks and their small business customers. The content provided needs to make customers feel valued and satisfied through their mobile interactions.

Consumers are using their devices wherever they are and at any time, night or day – sometimes referred to as the ‘mobile revolution.’ By offering optimized content, you’ll stay competitive and maintain a relationship with your customers, leading to a higher lifetime customer value.

It was only a few years ago that mobile apps became a hot topic for companies because any business without one realized they needed one. However, many of those mobile apps didn’t really have a core function – they needed to be optimized.

The below article looks at more ways that banks needs to embrace technology – or be left behind.

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