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The rise of Twitter for small business owners

10 Mar

Social media is a more potent force than ever before and one of the sites at the forefront of the social media revolution is Twitter. With millions of active users, Twitter is an extremely powerful marketing tool. The secret to Twitter success, of course, is growing and then holding a large follower base which then performs retweets, bringing even more exposure.

So Twitter’s not only a powerful marketing tool for the bank’s marketing strategy, but for your small business customers as well. It’s a win-win situation; Twitter is so interactive, it means that the bank can retweet their small business customers’ messages and vice versa. Cross-promotional messaging is one of the core strengths of Twitter.

The goal of a Twitter account, whether it’s the bank’s or their customers’, is to promote the business, and while it’s good to show some personality, avoid sharing trivial details such as “I’m stepping out for coffee.” The best way to keep your tweets on topic is to develop some quick guidelines, such as tone –  building and maintaining a consistent voice. Type – the kind of information you’ll share with followers, and the frequency of your Twitter activity.

One of the main features of Twitter is use of the hashtag. The below article looks at how to effectively use hashtags in more detail.

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