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The small business section of a bank’s website

16 Feb

A business’s website is one of its key marketing tools, and this is true for banks as well. People do most of their research online these days, and if you have a number of small business customers, your website is going to be one of the first places they look. To ensure it remains their go-to website for all their small business needs, it’s important to include some fundamental resources.

A business plan guide and template is essential. It’s a key tool for not only starting a business, but for keeping it on track and for showing to investors and lenders. Help your small business customers to write an effective plan by providing them with good instructions and and easy-to-use template.

Cash flow and sales forecast guides and calculators, are also important, as they help manage the business’s cash flow. A break-even analysis calculator and a SWOT template are key resources too.

Your small business customers are looking for the best ways to ensure their business is a success, and the small business section of their bank’s website is a valuable resource.

The below infographic is a great example of how they can set up their own business website.

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