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Tips for hiring great employees

23 Nov

Good staff are an essential component for any business. If a business has grown to the point where it’s looking to hire its first employee, or to expand the staff base it already have, getting the right people on board and then managing them effectively is critical to business success.

It’s also exciting, because whether hiring the first employee or the 50th, it means that the business is at a turning point in its growth.

It’s important to make sure the job description clearly outlines the position, what its goals are, and its expectations. The description should be attractive to potential applicants – remember, a business is selling itself as well as looking for staff.

Too often, businesses spend longer on getting rid of an employee rather than on hiring. It should be the other way around, so it’s important not to rush things. Business owners should get applicants to complete part of the job they’ll be doing, so they can see if they’re competent and if they’ll fit into the team.

Once a shortlist has been created, it’s important to conduct background checks on the finalists. Contact the reference people they’ve listed. Often it’s better to phone them, as they’re more likely to be candid about the applicant than they are in a written reference.

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