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Tips for retaining great employees

18 Oct

For small businesses, staff are a key element to success. They’re the vital function when it comes to providing a great customer experience and that is the main thing that keeps customers coming back.

So if a business has star employees, it’s just common sense to do whatever’s necessary to keep them.

It’s really important for business owners to get to know their employees. It’s the best way to keep communication open and fluid, and it’s how the boss lets their employees know they’re doing a good job.

Offering incentives, rewards, growth opportunities and regular performance reviews are also key to making sure business owners keep their star employees happy.

Making sure they feel they’re part of the company’s growth and future is also essential. So asking staff for feedback and having regular brainstorming sessions to harvest new ideas helps them to feel engaged and excited.

But wait… what if a business owner actually wants staff to move on, and actively encourages it? You wouldn’t think it would make a lot of sense, but have a read of the article below – there is a flip side to this coin.

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