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Turn your small business customers into fans

22 Aug

Creating cheerleaders out of customers involves some pretty basic psychology; it’s just knowing how people think and behave naturally. If your customers have the same passion for your business that you do, then they’ll not only sell for you, but they’ll have an incredibly powerful way of communicating that enthusiasm to others.

While it’s important to focus on brand awareness, you can use content marketing to strengthen customer loyalty and turn them into fans. If a bank has customers they’ve delighted – whether it’s approving that home loan or that their business advisors have given great advice – then case studies are fantastic way to highlight that success. If a customer’s become a fan, give them a way to make noise about it.

Getting your fans to endorse you on this level is invaluable, especially since people rely on recommendations from friends more than they do on advertising. And it means that you’re always generating content from your most powerful and influential customers – your fans. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences and create new customers.

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