Monday, 19 March 2018

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Interactive content drives engagement

Engaging your customers is different than talking to them, or offering content they can download or read. Real engagement is when the customer comes back again and again to your website, by being fully immersed in activities and your business.

Interactive content is a perfect tool to utilize as it encourages your audience and customers to actively and voluntarily start communicating with your organization.

Research has found people experience increased levels of engagement when using content with an action/transaction functionality, or more simply, content that provides the user with something in return for their actions.

For example, a survey or game offers a user more opportunities to interact with the content or site.

Additionally, users’ online experiences have been found to be enhanced by interactive content. Researchers discovered the increased engagement as a result of using interactive content promotes positive thoughts and feelings about the brand or products they have been interacting with.

This is highly beneficial both for customers, because they have a more pleasant experience with the content and website, and for the content owners, because the positive customer experience might encourage customers to return and share their experiences with others.

These findings clearly highlight the crucial role interactivity plays in both the ongoing success of your content and positive perception of your brand, which could result in further beneficial interactions with existing and potential customers.

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