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Using social media to boost brand awareness

16 Aug

Small business owners should always be looking to drive more traffic to their business website and increase brand awareness. The best, most effective – and cheapest! – way to do this is via social media.

Regular, frequent blogs are a great method, and fun too. Small business owners should be aiming for quality AND quantity. The more content they post on your site, the more traffic they’ll attract. Try to aim for a couple of new blogs per week. If they post new content frequently, they encourage customers to come back and bring friends with them.

Facebook is a great option if they’re selling to consumers. Many of them will be on Facebook, so they can increase customer loyalty by reaching out to them on this platform. They can engage with their customers and increase their following.

LinkedIn is the best option for B2B businesses. It’s a professional network and is largely used by older people.  It’s great for lead generation and networking.

YouTube is really handy if they’ve got videos that demonstrate their product or service, or that capture them conducting theirr business in the marketplace. Great for service-based businesses.

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