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Using technology to provide the best customer experience

13 Jan

These days, there are many things that small business owners are looking for in a bank. Gone are the days when they were just lenders of money and people to avoid in the street. Banks that have a dedicated small business section that includes a website and trained staff are developing strong and mutually beneficial relationships with their small business customers.

But there’s always something banks can do to enhance their customer experience. From providing free coffee or a kids area to a wealth of small business resources available online, touches like these are all noticed and appreciated by a bank’s clients.

One of the most effective ways to make sure your small business customers have a great experience in your bank is to make sure the latest technology is available to them, not just as a customer themselves, but for their clients too.

For instance, service-based businesses can benefit from providing a mobile payment option to their clients. People like paying on the spot for a job well done, instead of being invoiced or writing a check, so a product you could include in your banking solutions is mobile payments. The same goes for online payment options.

Review your products and services and see if there are ways to automate them or to include more technology-based services.

The below article has some good tips on how to do this, and it’s one you might like to show to your small business customers as well.

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