Saturday, 21 July 2018

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We live in an online world, but we’re still real people

21 Feb

Everyone’s online these days. When was the last time you saw someone pick up an actual, door-step-sized copy of the Yellow Pages in order to find a business? The first place everyone goes now to find what they’re looking for is Google.

Which is why content marketing should be an essential part of any bank’s advertising strategy. The thing to remember, however, is that it’s a means to an end: and that end is actual, human contact. The face-to-face meeting. The handshake. The smile.

The idea behind effective online marketing is to get actual people in the door, and to do that you need to remember that even though you’re hooking them in a virtual environment, they’re still real people. The more your content can be structured so that it engages people on a personal level, the better your chances of getting them in the physical door.

Always remember that the relationship you have with your business clients is a real, human interaction, one that needs to be built and maintained. So an online marketing strategy should be helping build word-of-mouth – it’s a tool to achieve that goal, not an means to an end in itself.

We may be high tech these days, where everything’s digital – but nothing can substitute for the real thing.

They’re people, not SMEs

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