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What pro wrestling and content marketing have in common

Polished, engaging content

Pro wrestling and content marketing? They have something in common?

Hard to believe, but there are actually many similarities, and definitely some lessons we can take from what’s widely regarded as completely fake.

I know what you’re thinking – “it’s all fake!” Actually, it’s not. One of the oft-heard mottos in the business is: “The outcomes are fixed. The wrestling’s real.”

When I say “real”, I mean that it’s been carefully planned with defined goals and objectives, created to engage a specific audience, focused on telling a story and has a pre-determined outcome.

Sound familiar?

There are some fundamental rules that go into the creation of world-class pro wrestling matches. And they’re great examples that transcend into content marketing.

What to focus on

Whether you’re launching a new financial tool, promoting an upcoming event in the banking industry or blogging about the best ways to improve cash flow, keep some of these pro-wrestling tips in mind:

  • Less is more – wrestling matches are short and sweet. Gone are the days of hour-long marathons. It’s the same with content. Editing can be an art form, and if you can master the skill of shortening while sweetening, your audience is going to remain engaged. Lengthy blogs or articles are more likely to encourage people to click away.
  • Production values – one of the reasons WWE is the top pro wrestling company in the world by a huge margin is their production values. They’re simply streets ahead of even their closest competitor. So put some thought into polishing up your content visually, especially for things like videos. Don’t be in such a rush to get it out the door that you lose how much better the experience could be if it had been produced better.
  • Storytelling – every match tells a story. The better the booking (the creative process of the match) the better the athletes will be able to interpret it and the more enjoyable the match will be for the audience. So when it comes to content, focus on how telling the story can help your business. For example, if the bank has a new business start-up package to sell, try creating content around the journey of launching a business and how the package fits into each step.

There’s a reason pro wrestling went from a side show at carnivals to a global multi-entertainment industry – and that reason is content. By harnessing your creative skills, paying attention to how attractive the content is visually and learning how to present it succinctly, you’ll increase audience attention and keep them coming back.

We do have our finger on the pulse of the marketplace, if for no other reason than having all these live events that continually feed the creative process, and we listen to our audience all the time.
– Vince McMahon Jr., WWE Owner & CEO

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