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Who should be responsible for your content marketing?

26 Jan

It’s a question we’re often asked – who’s the best person to take care of the content on the bank’s website? The short answer is that it’s best done as a team effort. If you have a group of small business advisors who have a range of expertise, then it should be exploited to the fullest – in other words, make the most of the experience at your disposal.

Let’s say you have someone who’s a talented writer. Blogs and case studies could be their responsibility. If you have someone else who’s got an interest in social media, they could run Facebook, LinkedIn and whatever other social media platforms you have. Likewise, if you have another team member who fancies themselves as a bit of an actor, they could present videos.

Having a wide range of input into your website’s content helps it stay fresh and dynamic, because you’re making the most of everyone’s expertise as well as hearing all their ideas. But it’s still important for everyone to understand that the website needs to maintain a consistent tone, and voice – that everyone is contributing to it’s own personality.

The below article looks at content contributors in more detail.

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