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Why banks should be using humor and memes

14 Nov

These days, it’s not just your competitors you’re vying with for audience attention. You’ve got to get your content noticed among all the “Funniest cat fails you’ll ever see!” videos, your customer’s Facebook friends, and headlines screaming what Scientology’s done now.

Getting your share of attention amongst all this online noise is a bigger challenge than it used to be. And when it comes to banking content, it’s even tougher to get customers clicking on you instead of the most recent “funny cats” video doing the rounds.

A compelling image is a good way to arouse curiosity. You can use them to not only get customers clicking on your content, but also to generate sentiment while they’re there. As long as it’s consistent with your brand and your message, then be brave and use images that are provocative or sentimental. And when it comes to images, there’s lots of scope to be funny. If you can gety your message across and give your customers a laugh, it’s more likely to stick and generate a positive reaction.

If there’s someone on your team who’s good at commercial art – like cartoons – then harness that ability. You’ll have content that no-one else does, especially if you can include a relevant cartoon message to go with that of the main article.

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