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Why it’s important to have good business mentors

09 Sep

Whether someone’s just starting out in business, or they’re an experienced person in their industry, it’s always good to have advisors and mentors to turn to when advice is needed or in times of trouble.

Most business owners receive plenty of well-intentioned advice and ‘helpful opinion’ from family and friends. However, good business advice spoken from commercial experience is another matter entirely.

That’s not to say it’s hard to find, but finding a reputable source in the Internet age is sometimes less than straightforward – especially if there’s a specific problem to solve and time is limited.

This is why, for good times or bad, developing a network of peers or seeking out a business mentor can be a great idea.

Businesses owners shouldn’t feel they need to operate in isolation. Developing a network of peers and colleagues is a good way to keep in touch with new developments, and they’ll have a great resource to access when you need input and advice.

Chambers of commerce, industry bodies, and – if they’re lucky – family who are in the same business are all good places to look for advisors.

There are also a number of internet resources – like the one below – where experienced businesspeople offer their tips for success.

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