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Why small business owners might need short term financing

23 Mar

In previous blogs, we’ve looked at ways banks can help their small business customers to raise finance creatively, without having to resort to a business loan. But sometimes short term financing is actually the perfect solution, and may be a great way to grow a business.

If a small business owner is seeking to increase their capacity in order to take on more work, then a short term loan could be just what they’re looking for, since the cash will enable them to expand immediately, and if the growth plan works, then they’ll be able to repay it just as easily. Whether it’s more equipment or more staff, short term financing could be the ideal solution to help put their growth plans into immediate effect.

They also might need some help with their working capital, especially seasonal businesses. Often they experience some tight cash flow situations, and a short term loan could help ease the pressure.

The below article looks at the benefits small business owners can enjoy by making use of short term financing in more detail.

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