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Why small business websites should be mobile-friendly

03 Oct

With the world quickly becoming mobile, small businesses should make use of mobile technology to do business from inside and outside of the office. There are many advantages to mobile technology, and they can all help a business to operate more effectively.
And yet there’s an element to mobile technology that’s often overlooked – the website. Too often these days, small business websites aren’t mobile-friendly, and this is a mistake.

Everyone has a smartphone, pretty much. And they use them for so much more than making phone calls. Internet browsing and checking social media are two of the most common uses for smartphones, so when your customers are searching for a business online, they’ll probably do it with their mobile device. And  you could have a great website that’s SEO-optimized so they find and click on you, but then everything grinds to a halt as their mobile struggles to load your website.

What happens then? They give up and try another business website. These are customers you can’t afford to lose.

Although it’ll cost to get your website made mobile-friendly, it’s an investment worth making.

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