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Why small businesses should be mobile-everything in 2017

01 Dec

Like SEO, we bring this one up a lot. And never is it more relevant than now, when one year is coming to a close and small business owners should be looking ahead to 2017 and making plans to see their business grow.

Mobile technology’s where it’s at. Everyone has a smartphone these days, and they don’t use them just for making calls. They’re becoming the primary device for internet browsing and making payments as well. Which is why small business owners need to take a good look at their business and ensure it’s mobile-optimized.

What does that mean? First of all, it means ensuring their business website is mobile-friendly. By that, we mean that when a person visits the site on their mobile phone, they’ll see a version of the website that’s easy to read and to navigate.

Then there’s mobile payments, and these are especially important for service-based businesses. Customers like to pay on the spot, rather than receive an invoice, and it’s really a win-win situation all the way around. If a business is equipped with the technology that allows their customers to pay with their smartphone, it keeps more cash in the business and creates happy customers.

The below article looks at more mobile trends small business owners should be aware of as we head into 2017.

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