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Why small businesses should get involved with their community

19 Oct

These days, small communities have become global entities, thanks to the internet and social media. More and more people are interacting online to discuss upcoming events, which they’ll attend and then discuss further.

For small businesses, this is a gold mine in terms of winning new customers. And it’s also yet another reason why small businesses should be engaging with their customers on social media.

Getting behind community events not only provides small business owners with the opportunity to talk with their customers and meet potential new ones, but it’s a chance to showcase their business by becoming thought leaders in community events.

For example, if a business sells pet food and accessories, they might sponsor a local dog show or equestrian event. This gets their brand out there in the market they’re targeting.

Getting involved in non-profit ventures also boosts a business’s credibility. If they’re concerned about what’s happening in the local community, they’ll build trust with the people in it, who’ll then become customers.

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