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Why small businesses should make the move to cloud-based accounting

12 Oct

“The cloud” – it might sound confusing, but the whole concept is actually very simple. The cloud is thousands of computers, all linked together in a warehouse. So instead of using accounting software that’s installed on a computer, and then saving all files onto the same machine, cloud computing allows storage of all that software and data on a server that can be accessed anytime, and from anywhere.

It also means data can be accessed from different devices, including a smartphone. Most mobiles are capable of running accounting software applications, so finances can be managed from anywhere – even relaxing on a beach.

As long as the business owner has their login details, they’ll always be able to access their files, photos or software. No more worrying about their hard drive crashing, or someone stealing their laptop.

Updates happen in real time, and there’s increased security because they’re not relying on just one machine to hold all their data. Storing information in the cloud means it’s continually backed up, and accessible from any device with an internet connection.

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