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Why video should be part of a small business’s marketing mix

12 Sep

Video is perhaps the most engaging and useful storytelling medium. It combines sound, sight and
motion to draw in viewers – and it’s making a push for topping small business marketing trends this year.

It’s already obvious that visual video content is the number one type of content on the Internet for gaining user engagement. Just look at how many YouTube videos are watched every minute.

And privately, in our own homes, we’re quickly becoming accustomed to watching what we want and when we want it – on-demand. So when it comes to small business marketing strategies, video’s a tool that should be included in the mix. Especially if a business is selling products that can benefit from how-to videos and demonstrations.

It’s time for businesses to embrace this trend of enhancing their video libraries, to reach out to new customers and grab their attention. Advertising budgets should be drifting away from television and towards digital platforms. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s more effective and reaches a larger audience, and can be shared across social media platforms.

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