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Why visual mediums are becoming more prominent

21 Nov

There’s really no big secret to it – the more visually appealing content is, the more likely it is to be retained by its audience. Which is why more small business owners should be taking advantage of visual media tools, like Instagram and YouTube.

There really is no stopping the upcoming king of content marketing – visual mediums are increasing, and are increasingly being preferred by small business and big business alike.

We’re now increasingly using social visual media to communicate online. Messages, new products announcements, special deals, events, and news are now commonly presented in visual form, able to be rapidly devoured as a more entertaining type of content.

There was once a golden rule that might have been forgotten for a while – ‘a picture says a thousand words.’ We’re starting to remember that as social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube reach record number of users and web traffic.

The below article looks at why small businesses aren’t making the most of Instagram – and why they should be.

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