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#WorkTrends Preview: Be Your Customer’s Hero

24 Aug

Being able to deal effectively with unhappy customers is a distinguishing mark of the successful business. The trick is to see the process as a positive one – the opportunity to turn a negative experience right around. If business owners can solve customer complaints quickly and efficiently, not only will the customer be happy, but they’ll become a fan – and therefore advocate – of the business.

We all enjoy praise, but few of us relish criticism. Many businesses dread getting complaints, but in reality they offer valuable market research into the state of a business. In the perfect business where everything and everyone works at optimum levels, there would be no complaints.

This is an unlikely situation in real life, so customer complaints offer the opportunity to fine-tune a business by removing the impediments or changing the processes that are preventing happy customers. The sooner the problem can be fixed, the sooner a business will increase its customer base.

The best way to do this is simply to ask for feedback – direct contact, surveys on social media, email questionnaires – anything that allows a customer to say what they think. Then, once the problem is solved, it’s important to follow-up so that the customer knows they’re important, and that their issue was resolved quickly.

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