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Your new website may already be a dinosaur

25 Jun

The concept of websites as a platform to build brand and deploy information and services has been around for a while now.

They have evolved and become more capable and effective, but something is happening in the online space that may make the traditional website redundant.

In a recent article on, Ariel Bogle¬†reports that Facebook’s director of product design is predicting that with the increasing use of mobile there will be a move towards platform based systems to replace the website.

For example,¬†operating systems like Android and Apple’s IOS provide the rules and interfaces that dictate how things work and look(such as buttons and actions), so developers and designers must work within these parameters. This changes¬†the role of the designer somewhat and provides new challenges to how to create uniqueness and brand.

This should be good news though! Most¬†businesses with a website¬†are¬†currently trying to differentiate their website by design, which creates a problem for users. We have to learn how to use every website we visit. On the other hand, generally speaking, once you’ve learnt to use one application on your phone, you¬†can work out fairly easily how to use all the others. They all have vey similar interfaces and behaviours. So this leaves us free to concentrate on the important bit, content.

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